Parabel designs mindful and strong brands, websites and publications that tell a story.

The story of Parabel is actually about Anna. While founding partner Veronika Kabas has known her since birth as a big sister, Hannes Platter met and fell in love with her as a young man. And because she is more or less the most important person in both their lives, they thought it would be good to have a common connection as well. Not wanting to become friends, they became business partners. They are united by their passion for beautiful design and functional solutions.


Office & Meeting




Veronika Kabas

Head of Design

Hannes Platter

Strategy, Design

Anja Salzer


And what about the rabbit?

„Flauschi“ and „Pippi“ are our rabbits in the garden of Studio Wildungsmauer. For us, they are a symbol of a good idea that, like the bunnies, keeps hopping past our door. Then it’s time to grab them quickly and make a delicious roast – parabolic, of course.